Behind the truth regarding QAnon’s Dallas freak show from an ex-cult member: They kissed his ring

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A QAnon ex ‘cult’ member that flew to Dallas to see JFK Jr. return has exposed the hideous real world of the him rising from the dead, claiming that followers nearly bankrupted their lives to be a part of this cult gathering.

Children and seniors were sleeping on the ground for hours while their leader cruised the crowd around acting ‘like Jesus Christ’.

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

Maureen McNamara, a dutiful QAnon follower was one of hundreds of conspiracy nuts who ran to Texas to meet others, unbelievably right in the area where John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963. It was a prophecy expoused by their muse Michael Brian Protzman, who predicted that the former President’s son, JFK Jr., was going to be resurrected.

According to Protzman, JFK Jr. was going to arrive at that spot at 12:29pm, the same time that his father was killed, on November 2, and then tell everyone to run for Vice President in 2024 alongside Donald Trump.

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

QAnon cult followers flew in from all around the world, and many spent their entire savings. They hung at the mound for more than 16 hours, refusing to leave, calling Dallas their ‘promised land,’ as Protzman proceeded to insist that JFK Jr. was going to re-appear at any moment.

Instead of the promised revival, members were met with nothing but a long wait. They started turning on each another while Protzman tried to soothe the crowd by handing out free T-shirts.

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

Then, unbelievably, the small group started kissing his ring. He told them in glee that JFK Jr. was returning.

All the while there are children fast asleep on the grassy knoll. There were seniors, people with walkers, people with canes, people in obvious pain; a lot of pain. McNamara was despondent over what she saw.

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

As time passed, Protzman kept repeating that the return was going to happen at any moment. He specifically looked at McNamara and said, “Don’t worry, you have the best viewing position there is. You won’t miss a thing. You won’t miss a thing. Keep your eyes open. You’re right where you need to be right now.”

Nothing happened, of course. After a time, a rumor started to make the rounds that Princess Diana was going to  show up in one of the nearby windows. It didn’t happen either.  

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

But as everyone began to swarm towards some of Protzman’s advisers, McNamara dashed through the throng, anticipating that the moment had finally arrived, only to be struck with terrible disappointment seconds later.

Instead of the anticipated return of JFK, members learned that the enthusiasm was only due to the fact that they were being handed free T-shirts with Protzman’s online identity, Negative48, emblazoned on them.

Qanon in Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video

“Everybody’s scrambling to get one, like we flew all the way to Dallas and stood around for 16 hours so we could have a T-shirt,” she recounted.

McNamara described Protzman as “acting like he was Jesus Christ” during the whole 16-hour period they were standing on the street.

JFK Jr. via screenshot of YouTube video

‘He’s acting like Jesus Christ with his disciples,” she remarked. Everywhere he went, there was this little group of people kissing the ring.

And it didn’t stop there. After JFK Jr. failed to materialize at the AT&T plaza, Protzman informed the group that he would instead appear at a Rolling Stones event.

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

Despite the fact that she was not a fan of the rock band, McNamara opted to spend hundreds of dollars on concert tickets.

“I was never a fan of the Rolling Stones, I had no intention of going there. But then last minute, everyone’s saying you got to be there, you got to be there,” she added.

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

‘And so I spent $300 on tickets and it was raw and rainy and cold and miserable.’

McNamara said that the trip cost her thousands of dollars in total, including flights, lodgings, meals, and so on, and that she eventually ‘ran out of money’ and had to return home.

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

“I know many people who won’t now be able to afford Christmas, but it was more important for them to be there, or they don’t know how they’re gonna pay the next month’s mortgage payment,” she said.

“Many people make huge sacrifices financially, in their relationships, in their lives, just to be there.”

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

The Florida native, a lifelong QAnon follower, claimed that her major purpose for flying to Texas was to meet other individuals like her.

“What drew me in more than that was an opportunity to be with like-minded people, because everybody’s story in this movement is that we’ve lost friends,” she stated.

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

“We’ve lost family, we’ve lost credibility, we’ve been isolated, we’ve been lonely and we’ve been called lots of different names, crazy among them.”

“And so there was this opportunity suddenly to gather with like-minded people and that was what I wanted to do.”

QAnon Dallas via screenshot of YouTube video at

But when JFK Jr. failed to attend at the event again again, McNamara had had enough. Even when some began to turn against Protzman, many stayed faithful.

“That is when the entire group just started turning on each other and it was ugly,” she said.

She now spends most of her time online calling out Protzman for his bogus promises, and has been labeled a ‘traitor’ by the organization.

A sibling of a current member of the gang also talked to the publication, and they said that everything changed once their brother began seeing Protzman’s films online.

QAnon flag via Anthony Crider is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

“There were times when he’d come over to [my sister’s] house and say he just needs to get away from the computer for a little while because his brain’s just all over the place because he’s watching these videos, they’re so hypnotic,” a family member who requested anonymity said.

The videos in question, which are available on the Telegram platform, show Protzman making predictions and theories based on his own interpretation of gematria – the ancient Jewish numerology code that assigns a numerical value to letters, words, and phrases and translates them to create a new meaning.

Qanon Stop the Steal via Chad Davis is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

In recent years, the QAnon conspiracy movement has flourished. It claims that Trump is fighting a covert war against a worldwide conspiracy of Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, industry, and the media.

JFK Jr., a magazine publisher, is a popular person within the movement, with some suspecting him of being Q, the group’s secret leader.

QAnon via Anthony Crider is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

More than a week has gone since the gathering started, and Protzman and several of his devoted followers remain in Dallas, awaiting the return of JFK Jr. There is even discussion of making the location their permanent headquarters.

“I don’t know how it will end, but I don’t think it will end well. I’m glad that I am back in Florida, as far away from that as I can be,” McNamara said.

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